Welcome to our 81st Toronto Ravel Study!

WE WILL CONTINUE to meet online (ZOOM) into 2021. The study has been discontinued for now – we will continue to have “Adventures in Listening” and a monthly guest.



This Month’s Guest

We are pleased to feature Maribeth Solomon as this month’s special guest.

Maribeth Solomon is a Canadian composer, songwriter, and musician. Her film scores (many with co-composer Micky Erbe) begin with IMAX North of Superior and include the seminal, award-winning IMAX Space Trilogy: Destiny in Space, Blue Planet, and Hubble 3D among others. Her most recent IMAX project, A Beautiful Planet, was featured at the COP26 Climate Conference. 

Her TV work includes the Score and Theme for the Canadian darling Schitt’s Creek, which earned her an ASCAP Screen Music award. Maribeth has won multiple Geminis for shows including Nothing too Good for a Cowboy, Street Legal, The Struggle for Democracy, Side Effects, Sin Cities, and John Woo’s BlackJack, as well as the Emmy-nominated score for Earth: Final Conflict.  Maribeth’s original songs have been featured in animated films including Care Bears, Babar, Friends at Last, Peacekeepers and recorded by artists Anne Murray, Bowfire, among others.

She has recently moved into the gaming world, working with collaborator Brent Barkman on the critically-acclaimed soundtrack for BAFTA-nominated video game Sunless Sea, followed by music  and soundtracks for Sunless Sky, Fallen London and Cultist Simulator.  She was named TMA Member of the Year in 2019.

Maribeth has served on the boards of the Songwriters Association of Canada, Screen Composers Guild of Canada, and the Academy of Canadian Film and TV among others. She’s been fortunate to have been based in Canada for her whole career.

She is an avid supporter of our great Canadian musicians. Maribeth was honoured to be chosen TMA Musician of the Year in 2019. 

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NEW ADVENTURES IN LISTENING – Film clips from “On The Waterfront” and “Ryan” are posted on the “Study Materials” page for download. With the sound removed, they can be scored as an exercise, and brough in to “Adventures in Listening” for feedback and analysis. Adventures in Listening is a unique opportunity to get unbiased and honest feedback on your ‘in-progress’ or experimental work from a community of your professional peers. Because it is anonymous, it is a risk-free environment.  Whether you are an emerging composer or an experienced one, and whether your work is for concert or screen, I encourage you to take advantage of this invaluable resource.

Many of you are actively performing musicians or are composers with TV shows or films containing your original scores. If you would like me to mention upcoming concerts or showtimes, please see me during the first hour, and I will make the announcement during “Adventures in Listening”. This way we can get the word out while preserving the relaxed and casual atmosphere that we have created at Toronto Ravel.
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