Welcome to our 76th Toronto Ravel Study!

WE WILL CONTINUE to meet online (ZOOM) into 2021. The study has been discontinued for now – we will continue to have “Adventures in Listening” and a monthly guest.  THIS IS THE LAST TORONTO RAVEL MEETING BEFORE THE SUMMER HIATUS.



This Month’s Guest

We are pleased to feature Alan Hetherington as this month’s special guest.

Alan Hetherington is the founder and Director of Toronto’s own Escola de Samba de Toronto, presently teaches a course in Brazilian Bateria at The University of Toronto and The Royal Conservatory of Music

Alan Hetherington’s performing experience spans many of the musical genres in the west where percussion can be found. He has performed widely in North and South America, and the Caribbean, and specializes in the many musical styles of Brazil…

Since 1989 Alan has spent extensive periods of time residing in Brazil, performing with Sombra e Agua Fresca, Bel Brasil, Carlos do Cavaco, Chocolatte da Vila Maria, Henrique Cazes, and Filó Machado, among others. He has been a devotee of the samba school tradition of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, performing with some of the largest and most exciting percussion ensembles (baterias) on the planet. 

He has also performed and recorded with many accomplished Canadian artists such as John MacMurchy, Lenka Lichtenberg, Maryem Tollar, Sophie Milman, Carol Welsman, Emily-Claire Barlow, Melissa Stylianou and Kiran Ahluwalia. 

For a complete bio and lots of musical examples, go to





NEW ADVENTURES IN LISTENING – Film clips from “On The Waterfront” and “Ryan” are posted on the “Study Materials” page for download. With the sound removed, they can be scored as an exercise, and brough in to “Adventures in Listening” for feedback and analysis. Adventures in Listening is a unique opportunity to get unbiased and honest feedback on your ‘in-progress’ or experimental work from a community of your professional peers. Because it is anonymous, it is a risk-free environment.  Whether you are an emerging composer or an experienced one, and whether your work is for concert or screen, I encourage you to take advantage of this invaluable resource.

Many of you are actively performing musicians or are composers with TV shows or films containing your original scores. If you would like me to mention upcoming concerts or showtimes, please see me during the first hour, and I will make the announcement during “Adventures in Listening”. This way we can get the word out while preserving the relaxed and casual atmosphere that we have created at Toronto Ravel.
We need your helpWe know that Toronto Ravel is viable, but we need to ensure that it is sustainable. There are 2 ways you can help;  First, by spreading the word to your friends, Facebook friends, colleagues, etc., and by passing around the links to our videos – the links are below. Also – you can volunteer a bit of your time and be part of the Ravel team.  We need people who can assist with publicity and promotion to work with Janal Bechtholt in spreading the word.  Please email if you can lend a hand. 
Producer Larry Weinstein talks about Ravel
See you at Ravel!