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In November, we will continue our study of Don Davis’ groundbreaking score for “The Matrix“, starting our look at cue 5M4. Composed in 1999 for the first instalment of “The Matrix” franchise, it draws heavily on contemporary American symphonic music for its feel and scoring techniques. Studying this score will provide an interesting counterpoint to the scores studied to date, and will mark our first venture into contemporary and avant garde orchestral techniques.

Special Guest; composer Mark Korven demonstrates “THE APPREHENSION ENGINE”

The “APPREHENSION ENGINE” Film composer Mark Korven and Tony Duggan-Smith have teamed up to create a musical instrument specializing in horrifying sounds called THE APPREHENSION ENGINE. a home-made device that can produce a wide array of horrific soundscape elements all in one compact unit.  “The unit has a hurdy-gurdy-like mechanism, along with a spring reverb, suspended metal parts which can be used percussively or played with a bow, and a string which can be played with an Ebow. The echoey sounds coaxed from this machine are other-worldly and much more terrifyingly organic than similar tonalities which may be produced digitally through synthesis.” Come and hear it live and up close.

This is MARK KORVEN’s 2nd appearance as a guest at TORONTO RAVEL. He is a Toronto-based composer for film and television, best known for his work on the 2016 period Horror film THE WITCH, which won the best director award at the 2015 Sundance festival for director Robert Eggers. His scores have been nominated 14 times for Gemini awards and 8 times for Genie awards. He has won two Gemini awards, and a Genie award for his work on CURTS’S CHARM. He has also composed feature film scores for acclaimed directors  Deepa Mehta, Patricia Rozema and Vincenzo Natale. Mark is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in world music.

For a complete filmography, please visit http://www.markkorven.com/Credits.html

In case you missed the September Ravel;
Vivek Sharma; Vivek Sharma is a PhD Candidate in Music and Health Sciences working at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Hospital in Toronto. He has worked with Daniel Levitin, Claude Alain, Michael Thaut and Lee Bartel, specializing in the effects of musical experience on neural activity during the categorization of sounds.

ABSOLUTE PITCH has been the subject of much speculation, mystery and debate.  Is it teachable?  Is it innate? Does it even exist? Our guest is at the forefront of brain research into this phenomenon, and has worked alongside brain scientist and author Daniel Levitin to uncover the mechanisms in the brain that, for certain people, allow them to equate a note name with a specific pitch, in much the same way that the written word “red” evokes a specific mental image of a colour. In fact, it is in the linguistic centre of the brain that this pitch information is processed!  That means that those with absolute pitch may actually hear and experience music differently than those without it.  

Vivek Sharma will return to Ravel shortly to continue the discussion on absolute pitch and pitch perception..

NEW ADVENTURES IN LISTENING – Film clips from “On The Waterfront” and “Ryan” are posted on the “Study Materials” page for download. With the sound removed, they can be scored as an exercise, and brough in to “Adventures in Listening” for feedback and analysis. Adventures in Listening is a unique opportunity to get unbiased and honest feedback on your ‘in-progress’ or experimental work from a community of your professional peers. Because it is anonymous, it is a risk-free environment.  Whether you are an emerging composer or an experienced one, and whether your work is for concert or screen, I encourage you to take advantage of this invaluable resource.

Many of you are actively performing musicians or are composers with TV shows or films containing your original scores. If you would like me to mention upcoming concerts or showtimes, please see me during the first hour, and I will make the announcement during “Adventures in Listening”. This way we can get the word out while preserving the relaxed and casual atmosphere that we have created at Toronto Ravel.
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