Study Materials

Download any of these clips, score it, and bring to Ravel for feedback from the group!
On the Waterfront clip no audio   Ryan no track

At the bottom of this page are downloadable files of most of the study materials that we will be using. Materials will be added to this page as they are developed. Check back often!

What to Bring;  First and foremost, your love of orchestral music and your desire to get deep inside it.

It is highly recommended that you purchase a copy of the score if you would like to get the most out of the study sessions.  Scores for Daphnis and Chloë Suites I and II can be purchased online at or at Remenyi House of Music, 210 Bloor Street West, Toronto.  A limited number of scores will be made available for use at the study.  It is Suites I and II that we are studying;  if you already have a copy of the full ballet score, not to worry.  Suite I corresponds to rehearsal 70 – 130, and Suite II corresponds to rehearsal 155 – end.  Scores for The Star Wars Suite by John Williams are available online through Amazon or at retailers selling Hal Leonard materials. The same goes for Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring” for 13 Instruments.

Also, bring manuscript paper if you have it (you can download blank manuscript below), and pencils and eraser, as well as any other writing materials such as highlighters to mark the score.

Reverse Engineering Sheet
Example of Reverse Engineering
Thematic Materials Worksheet
Orchestral Breakdown Form
Recommended Reading
Glossary of Terms
Instrumentation from Dover
Instrument Ranges-Transposition
Names of Movements-Boulez
 – a link to Wikipedia, and information about the Greek legend of Daphnis and Chloë

November 21, 2013 Materials;
TR001 Ste1-b1 Str
TR002 Ste1Pg1 Analysis
TR003 Scale-open motif
TR004 reh74 RE

January 13, 2014 Materials;
TR005 reh75 RE
TR006 reh75scaleRE

February 18, 2014 Materials;
Ravel D&C 1 @ 82 M-Malone
TR009 Reh 79-82 JH Notes001
TR010 Reh 83-92 MR Orch  – this is the alternate orchestrated version of the choral interlude at reh. 83
D&C Phot03 D&C Photo1D&C PHoto5

Some of the many artistic depictions of the Daphnis and Chloë mythology. Here’s the link to more:

March 18/April 15, 2014 Materials
TR011 Anime et rude – RE reh93
TR012 Anime et rude materials
TR013 Anime et rude – RE reh94
TR015 Anime et rude b.24-25 RE – this is the link to videos relating to synesthesia and other ‘music and the brain’ topics

May/June, 2014 Materials
TR016 Anime et rude gestures

January, 2015 Materials
TR017 JW MainTheme b74-76
TR018 JW MainTheme Hex b.68
TR019 M.Malone-Star Wars 84-88

March 3, 2015 Materials
Orchestral Pno Examples
Star Wars 116 – 117

March 31, 2015 Materials
Prokofiev March Analysis
Prokofiev Williams Scales
and this link to an excellent article on modes in Russian music;

Fall 2015 Materials – Teaching Materials for “Appalachian Spring”
A Contextually Defined Approach to Appalachian Spring
TR019 App Spr Hex
TR021 App Spr b.80
TR020A MaloneCopland Harmony
TR020 Harm-Mel MaterialsCopland

02 Venus Score
III. Mercury the Winged Messenger
Jupiter Full Score RH v2
V SATURN Bringer of Old Age

Ravel “Daphnis and Chloë II”
TR024 D&C II b. 1-2 Rev Eng
TR025 Table of Natural Harmonics
WILKENS D& C 2pnos:chords